FTC debut Album - For Lease
The first, and long-awaited, studio album from Fast Time Constant. This acoustic duo
is made up of Joshua Belter and Andy Mason with big time help from our studio guy
Tommy Carlisle. FTC blends an acoustic guitar and vocal base by Andy with beautiful
harmonies (sometimes 8 layered!) by Joshua with out of this world string sections and
keyboard arrangements by Tommy to produce an original sound that reminicant of The
Beatles, ELO, Alan Parsons and Bob Dylan all at once! FTC is currently working on a
follow up to “For Lease”.

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FTC - Singles

     Teach Your Children
We recorded this beautiful Graham Nash song at WERS studios on the campus
of Emerson College in Boston, MA. We had been invited to record the song
as part of the "Next Paradigm" book/CD project. Jack Dusendschon was the
producer and Conrad Osipowicz was the engineer. Other instrumentation on the
song was provided by Yaniv, Senchant and Conrad. After years of being
underground, FTC's version of Teach Your Children has begun to have a life
of its own. We decided to release "Teach" as a single on CD Baby and
iTunes. Slowly and with zero promotion from us "Teach" has begun to get some
attention. Downloads of the song are starting to come in from all over the world.
Tess from KSFR Radio Free Santa Fe declared upon hearing our version of the
song that it was "Better than the original!" Quite a compliment. We are currently
trying to get some airplay of the song on the Sirius/XM channel The Coffee House.

What do you think? We'd love to hear from you.

Download the ".mp3" single here: Fast Time Contant - Teach

Another Day
Another Day is about life. Life before you were born, while you are alive,
and after you die. The song begins in the cosmic soup... this is where you
are before conception......a bell rings signifying your entrance into existence......
you live through the lyrics of the song......another bell rings signifying your return
to the cosmic soup. Another Day was recorded partially at Planet Paul Studios in
Wichita, KS and finished at SL Studios in Portales, NM most of the effects and
final mixing were added by Jake Jones.

Download the ".mp3" single here: Fast Time Contant - Another Day

     Streets of Portales
A tribute to Andy Mason's home town, "Streets of Portales" was written to
reflect Andy's love for his home away from England. "Streets" was picked
up by the Portales chamber of commerce and offered in every welcome
packet to new residents of Portales, NM.

Download the ".mp3" single here: Fast Time Contant - Streets of Portales